Sassy, Classy, and Southern


A Guide for Women of the South

  1. Drink sweet tea on the back porch while watching the sunset with your family.
  2. Your beliefs are vital to the person you are. Always take a moment to respect what you believe.
  3. Keep a set of values. Hold steady to what you believe in and never let anyone influence you to forget your morals, even for one night.
  4. Always have at least one pair of cowboy boots. They look great all year around.
  5. Not to lose weight, but to feel good inside.
  6. Wear red lipstick when you go out.
  7. Always remember to keep your toes painted or nude. Never let them be seen chipped and peeling.
  8. Wear your pearls often. Nothing says elegant and classy like a good strand of pearls.
  9. Tattoos are a great form of expression. But it’s best to get them in easily coverable places. In the real world, some businesses are sticklers for not having seeable tattoos.
  10. If you go out and drink, know your limit. Having fun is okay, but sloppy drunks are a mess to deal with.
  11. In accordance to number ten, always have a ride and never let someone you just met bring you home.
  12. Wear your heels for dress-up occasions, but keep in mind how high your heels actually are. Don’t be sporting hooker heels that you can’t even walk in.
  13. If you don’t like country music, then be able to tolerate it. Besides, it’s actually catchy and wholesome.
  14. Find yourself a southern gentleman. If he doesn’t hold the doors open for you or buy you dinner on the first date, then he’s not worth your time.
  15. Wear your hair, makeup, and clothes to look beautiful, not sexy.
  16. Always dress nice. Don’t go running around looking like you just rolled out of bed. Because you never know who you’re going to meet. You could be meeting the love of your life or a future manager.
  17. Learn how to cook. This is an important skill you’ll need for the rest of your life.
  18. Life is full of little moments. Live in the moment instead of being glued to your phone.
  19. When posting selfies, no duck faces or cleavage, ladies. It may seem funny or sexy in the moment, but it just looks trashy in the long run.
  20. Don’t curse on any social media outlet. There are over a million other words that would suffice. Your name is always tied to whatever you post.
  21. Have good grammar when posting online or sending emails. Reread everything you type.
  22. Always be kind to others. If you don’t like something or someone, confront it once. If it continues, ignore it and keep on smiling.
  23. Don’t let someone’s negative opinion bring you down.
  24. Keep in mind that education is important. Don’t let it fall to the wayside for anything.
  25. If someone burns you once, shame on them. If they burn you twice, shame on you.
  26. Respect and love your mom. She’s already lived through what you’re going through. And she can have some pretty great advice. All you have to do is confide in her and ask.
  27. Never be afraid to admit that you don’t know what you’re doing.
  28. It’s okay to cry; it helps release all of the pent-up emotion. There’s nothing embarrassing about it. Just be capable of regaining your composure and be ready to continue the day.
  29. Be able to have fun; getting muddy every now and then is always a great time.
  30. Nobody is perfect; just try to be the best you that you can be.