Bear the Mastador Puppy

Recently, I’ve adopted a new puppy. It was given to me by a friend that lives in an apartment and could no longer take care of him since the landlord saw him and said he would be too big for the complex. He was given to me and my family for free, except he was lacking the proper shots and identifications.

After bringing him home from school one weekend, and after my dad got over his initial irritation of this “little” surprise, we decided to call him Bear. He was given to us as a six week old German shepherd/ bull mastiff puppy, but after our first vet visit, we’ve learned he’s a Mastador- a mix of Labrador and Bull mastiff.

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a full-fledged puppy in our house, and it’s not always a picnic! Having a puppy is just like having a toddler, and it tires us out pretty quickly! This little rascal is a mess, and boy is he smart! Within a day or two of being with us, he already learned how to use the doggy door for whenever he needs to attend to business outside, and he’s already figured out ways into rooms we try to keep blocked off from him!

He’s been growing like a weed, too! Just in two days, I’ve noticed a huge difference! His legs are getting longer, and he’s slowly getting better at attempting to make the leap onto the couch. (Thankfully, he’s not quite there yet, though!) And he’s a little biter, too, but we are learning tricks on how to curb that! (Those sharp puppy teeth pack some power!) My favorite moments with him, though, are when he’s all tired out from playing fetch and running around like a maniac. He curls up in my arms or on my chest and passes out. No matter how much you move him, he stays knocked out for a good while! However, he hasn’t quite mastered sleeping anywhere past 6:00am! Coffee has become my new best friend in the morning with Bear around!

Bear is my little handful, but I love this baby so much already! I feel like a proud momma whenever I talk about him to friends, and I’m always showing off pictures of him to random people and uploading them on social media!

Within only a few short hours of meeting this fellow, he already had me wrapped around his little paw. 🐾