30 Toys Of Your Childhood

HappyMealToysWhat was your favorite toy that you loved playing with as you grew up? Was it a part of a series or a stand-alone toy? Can you remember the names off all your favorite toys you enjoyed as a kid?

WuvLuvs? Happy Meal Toys? The Original Littlest Pet shop? Fury? Ringing any bells?

If so, then I bet you were a 90’s baby like me. Not all of my favorite toys were pulled directly from the 90’s decade, though. Some of the best were from the early 2000’s, too, even though they are usually disregarded as too far into the new age to be considered “classic” or “retro.”

If you’re like me and love a little nostalgia in your life every now and then, check out my latest article on The Odyssey Online! Parents of children born in the 90’s: I’m sure you’ll definitely appreciate these, too! I know my mom did when we went through them together. A little 90’s and childhood nostalgia has never hurt anyone!

Check out my full list of 30 Toys of My Childhood! And if you like it, remember to share it along on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. How many of your friends remember all of the toys in my list?


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