Continuing Thoughts On Working For The Odyssey Online

I have been loving these past three weeks working for The Odyssey Online at McNeese State University. I have gained so much experience already in such a short period of time! Leadership skills, editing skills, writing articles in a specific time frame, and more!

I absolutely love all of my staff members and am extremely grateful for all of the work they do for this online social media website. Check out some of the latest articles by me and my staff! And as always, if you like them please share, share, share!

Beta Fish Hair Trend

Five Things I Learned When My Bestie Got Engaged

A Letter To My Middle School Self

Heartbreak Can Be Beautiful

Four Reasons Facebook Is So Popular

Seven Things To Expect When Dating A Frat Guy

Organs On Chips: The Future Of Drug Testing

Defining Family

It’s Okay To Be Less Than The Best

An Older Sibling’s Guide To High School: Little Sister Edition

Check out all the rest of them at: The Odyssey Online at McNeese State University


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