How to Make: Vodka Gummy Bears

Vodka Gummy Bears

• 3 bags of 3 lbs. gummy bears (I used Great Value brand from Walmart)
•1 bottle of Whipped Vodka
•Giant bowl
•Big stirring spoon
•Access to a fridge/Freezer
•Optional: Mini Portion Cups with lids

Pour in first bag of gummy bears. Pour in vodka. Stir. Repeat for the next two bags. Place in freezer for one day. Take out and stir bears. Place in mini cups with lids. Keep in fridge. The longer the bears sit in the alcohol, the better they get!
The mini portion containers with lids make for perfect and easy shots of the gummy bears. Good sized portions and not as messy!

*Please drink responsibly. This recipe is meant to be used for those who are 21 and up.


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