5 Things You Should Know About Greek Life

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5. People will always have their own opinions about Greek Organizations.

Before I went Greek, I had fallen victim to all of the stereotypes concerning sororities and fraternities that are portrayed on screen. I didn’t fully understand the whole idea of what it meant to be a Greek until I actually became a part of it. By experiencing it firsthand I realized how wrongly Hollywood portrays these organizations.

However, not everyone will appreciate what it means to be Greek, and it is not always possible to change a person’s mind. There will be people who see you wearing your letters and pearls and judge you for it. They automatically assume the worst of you. They don’t see the smart, hardworking college student. They see the Hollywood cliché.

Society focuses mostly on the negative aspects of Greek life. The movie industry usually portrays sororities and fraternities in a certain way: partying alcoholics who either live off of “Daddy’s Credit Card” or usually wind up dropping out of college. And because the movie business has such a strong following, most people assume this is what being Greek is like.

Because of this, Greeks have something to prove to the outside world. They are stereotyped through mainstream society and constantly have to break the mold they are placed in. Some people will be able to see the truth behind what it means to be Greek and all of the good it does for those involved, but there will also be naysayers and sometimes you can’t change their mind. All you can do is hold your head up high and be proud of the letters you wear across your chest.

4. Being Greek helps your resume.

Not only does being a part of a Greek organization look good on a resume, but it also presents you with many great opportunities you might not have had before. It shows your involvement in your school and community. You participate in many different community and philanthropy events, and through these events new social skills are developed. You can learn so much from being in one of these organizations, such as leadership skills, communication skills, event planning, and learning how to work with your peers to solve problems. A door is opened when you become Greek. You make connections all across the nation, and you never know when one new connection will change your life. It is a fact that of the nation’s fifty largest corporations, forty-three of these are headed by fraternity or sorority members.

Letters today, leaders tomorrow.

3. Greek organizations are extremely diverse.

It is a myth that Greek organizations are all made up of a bunch of rich white kids from the same social backgrounds. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. Greeks are willing to accept anyone with open arms. Everyone is unique, and this uniqueness is valued among Greeks because there is so much to learn from someone who is different from you. In a single organization, the majors of each member ranges from engineers to art students. There are the outgoing types and the quieter ones. There are the pageant princesses right along side the mud-riding queens.

Another myth is that Greeks don’t like people who aren’t a part of their organizations. This is far from the truth. A major part of Greek life is getting involved with other students and other non-Greek organizations on campus. From choir concerts to baseball games, there will always be a Greek in the crowd cheering on their friends or even participating in the events. Just because you are a Greek doesn’t mean you have limited choices of who your friends are.

2. Greeks usually have higher GPAs than the average student.

Having a community of brothers and sisters around you is a major confidence boost that might be needed to get the grades. When you’re Greek, you have a network of supporters who vary from one degree to the next. There will always be someone there to help out with a difficult subject. Also, it’s important to utilize the advice of senior members who have been through what you might be going through now. They can give you invaluable information about teachers and classes, and they can advise which courses are best to take.

When a member of a Greek organization wears their letters across their chest, it is a reminder that they aren’t just studying and going to class to make the grades for themselves but also for the organization as a whole. Greek organizations pride themselves on academics because they want their members to be the best that they can absolutely be. School comes first; it even comes before Greek life because the Greek system would not be established without having a school to be a part of.

1. Being Greek completely changes your college experience.

Joining a Greek organization gets you more involved around the college campus. It also opens doors to hundreds of new possibilities because you will meet people you might have never met before and you will make connections that last a lifetime. Most of these organizations host their own philanthropy events each semester and attend others’ events by helping out, donating, and showing support. It’s a way of giving back to the community, along with getting to know others around campus.

Usually, a large group of Greeks will all meet up and attend campus functions, like football games or tailgates, together in order to show support for their school. There will always be someone you can go with to any event on or around campus, so then you have no excuse for not participating. No matter what anyone says, participating in school events makes your college experience more enjoyable than just going to classes then going home.

Another way going Greek changes your college experience is that you will have many sisters or brothers supporting you in all of your endeavors. Having a sisterhood or brotherhood means that there will always be someone there for you to talk to, vent to, or seek advice from when it is needed. You will not be alone through anything, and you are not going to get swallowed up by campus. You are not just another face in the crowd; you will be recognized as representing a society of leadership, scholarship, philanthropy, and friendships.

Going Greek is not just four years. It’s for a lifetime.


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